Team members

Artem Mishchenko is a professor of condensed matter physics, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Manchester. He got PhD in Molecular Electronics in 2010 at the Faculty of Science, Bern University, Switzerland. He is a leading expert in the physics of van der Waals materials. His research is centred on quantum phenomena in a large variety of systems: from single molecules transport to the structure of water in confined geometries and quantum transport in van der Waals materials. 

Dr Qian Yang is currently Royal Society University Research Fellow at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, the University of Manchester, UK. She got PhD in Material Science and Engineering in 2018. Her research focused on the mass transport in 2D nanocapillaries enabled by van der Waals technology, molecular properties under spatial confinement, nanofluidics and other electrokinetic phenomena.

Dr Ivan Timokhin (postdoc)

I got my PhD degree in Chemistry in 2012. My expertise includes crystal growth and instrument development. I have skills in chemical synthesis, handling high pressure and low temperature setups, and some engineering skills.


I got my PhD degree in Plasmonics in 20​19. My main expertise is the optical properties of noble metal nanostructures and nano-optics in 2D materials. During my career I have developed a diversity of skill that includes experience with pulsed lasers and optics, optical spectroscopy, scanning near-field optical microscopy, nano-FTIR spectroscopy, and FDTD simulations. I am currently working on the characterization of 2D materials using scanning near-field optical microscopy and nano-FTIR spectroscopy in inert atmosphere.

Dr Pablo Diaz Nunez (postdoc)

Ziwei Wang (postdoc)

I have expertise in nanofabrication, 2D material optics, graphene transport phenomena (room temperature), confined water system, etc. My skills include Raman and IR spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, room temperature electron transport measurement, photo- and electron beam-lithography, etc. My main projects are: Spectroscopic investigation on 2D water sheets confined in layered mineral, graphene-water interface, Ion migration and memristor behaviour in 2D systems.


I got my PhD degree in Nano Science in 20​20. My expertise are in Condensed matter Physics, Graphene, 2D material heterostructures, Superconductivity, Quantum charge transport, and porous materials. My skills are in nano-device fabrication, low-temperature measurement, gas transport. I am currently working on gas transport through nanocapillary channels. 


Dr Yashar Mayamei (postdoc)

Dr Nicholas Kay  (postdoc)

In 2017, I obtained my PhD from the Graphene NOWNANO CDT, a joint program between Lancaster University and the University of Manchester. My thesis focused on new scanning probe microscopy techniques applied to 2D materials. Since then, I've spent time in industry, within the realm of photonics. Here, my work covered several areas, including conventional lens design, novel interferometry techniques, and building practical devices that make use of the quantum nature of light. I'm currently working on sSNOM and how this approach can be used and adapted to understand the behaviour of 2D materials and their devices/heterostructures.


I am currently a research associate at the University of Manchester. Prior to coming to Manchester, I completed my PhD in physical chemistry at the University of Geneva in 2017. My research focus has been on various aspects of surface science, with a particular emphasis on 2D materials. Currently, my research involves understanding liquid-solid charging dynamics, with a specific focus on water-graphene interfaces.  


Dr Mohsen Moazzami Gudarzi 


Dr Anupam Bhattacharya

I completed my PhD in 2023. During my PhD, I worked on deep neural network based machine learning (ML) algorithms and first-principle techniques to identify new topological flat-band materials and to tune band structures of topological semimetals. Presently, I work on applications of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other ML algorithms for identifying and synthesis route planning of functional 2D materials. 



I am a last-year Graphene NOWNANO CDT PhD student (started in Sep 2019). My expertise includes Micro-/nano- fabrication, Characterization, Molecule dynamics simulation (LAMMPS); Finite element method (Abaqus); Programming (Python, C++, MATLAB, Fortran, LabVIEW). I’m currently working on ‘Capillary Condensation in Artificial Atomic-scale Capillaries’ and novel fabrication method for nanofabrication.


Mingwei Chen

(Co-supervising with Prof A Geim)

Guilin Chen

(Co-supervising with Prof A Geim)

I am a third year PhD student (started in September 2020),  expertise in  two-dimensional (2D)  material heterostructures fabrication. My research focuses on investigating the underlying mechanisms behind the phenomenon of flow-induced voltage in 2D materials. 


I started my PhD September 2022. I got my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I try to learn theories, model in simulations, and do experiments. Currently, I’m working on the low-temperature Quantum transport measurement in 2D materials. I’m interested in machine learning, van der Waals materials (graphene and graphite-based), the Quantum Hall effect (Fractional QHE), Neuromorphic computing, and nanoelectronics.  


Amit Singh (PhD)

Chuhongxu Chen

(Co-supervising with Prof A Geim)

I joined the group in April 2023 and currently working as a first-year PhD student. My project focuses on discovering the possible interaction(s) between a flowing liquid and graphene.


I started my PhD in January 2023. My expertise is studying physical chemistry phenomena by using chemical and electrochemical methods, including ion transport, separation technology, and energy harvest. My research is focused on the electrokinetic phenomena at the water-graphene interface.


Zhijia Zhang (PhD)

Stephen Tipper (PhD)

Recently graduating with a Master's degree in Physics from the University of Manchester, I'm now a first year PhD student starting in Sep. 2023.  From my Master's degree, I have some experience with 2D heterostructure fabrication & Raman spectrometry, and my PhD project will be focusing on synthesising new 2D materials via 2D reactions. 


I started my PhD in September 2023. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Physics from the University of Manchester. In my master’s project I studied point defects in GaN using PhotoLuminescence spectroscopy and Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy, where I have automated PL lab by creating a C# software with simple GUI to control all the equipment. During my studies I worked part-time as software engineer (SCADA). My PhD project is focused on digital manufacturing and characterisation of 2D materials.


Aleksander Kedziora (PhD)

Yihao Wei (PhD)

I started my PhD in January 2024. My interests are exotic electric and magnetic phenomena in 2D van der Waals materials. I try to study them from theories, experiments and simulations.


I started my PhD in April 2024. In my master's program, I explored some 2D van der Waals heterostructures’ applications in photodetector and ferroelectricity. I am interested in the different ion transport of nanochannels and their nanoconfinement effects based on SPM technology. I try to learn to fabricate nanochannels and explore their novel applications in various fields.


Jiatong Mao (PhD)

Zhixuan Wang (MPhil student)

I joined the group in April 2024 and currently work as an MPhil student. I'm working on 2D high entropy material for water splitting catalyst.


Henry Pentz


Thomas Warford


Mateusz Czajka


Mikolaj Gawkowski


PhD positions available

postdoc positions available


Jing Yu (visiting PhD student 2022-2023)

Mengjie Feng (PhD student 2019-2023)

Ciaran Mullan (PhD student 2019-2022)

Tamaghna Chowdhury (visiting PhD, 2022-2023)

Flavia-Alexandra Cimpean and Stephen Tipper (MPhys student Sept-Dec, 2022)

Katarzyna Kuras (Summer student 2022)

Kate Mawdsley and Egle Rackaityte (MPhys student Mar-Jun, 2022)

Anupam Bhattacharya (visiting PhD student from 2021 to 2022)

John Baird (MPhys student 2021)

Adam Coxson (MPhys student 2020)

Wenyu Liu (visiting PhD student 2019-2020)

Dr Servet Ozdemir (PhD student 2017-2020) -  postdoc in Edinburgh

Dr Yaping Yang (PhD student 2017-2021)

Dr Jun Yin (postdoc 2016-2019) - professor in Nanjing

Dr Seok-Kyun Son (postdoc 2016-2019) - professor in Mokpo

Nikolai Semenov  (visiting Master student , 2019)

Yunzhe Du (visiting PhD student from 2017 to 2018)

Jidong Li (visiting PhD student from 2017 to 2018) 

Dale Chancellor (MPhys student 2017/18)

Michael Brown (MPhys student 2017/18)

Dr Matthew Holwill (PhD student from 2014 to 2018) - postdoc in Manchester University

Dr Mengjian Zhu (PhD student from 2013 to 2017) - professor in NUDT, China

Makars Siskins (MPhys student 2016/17) - PhD in Delft, Netherlands