Scattering type Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy from neaspec:

  • Simultaneous record of topography and optical image, using AFM tips acts as an antenna enhancing the electric fields in the gap.

  • Pseudo-Heterodyne Michelson interferometer for background free detection: modulation to higher harmonics of the tapping amplitude allowed; Simultaneous record of amplitude and phase information.

Microfluidic/Nanofluidic integrated electrical measurements platform:

  • precise flow control and modulation.

  • ultralow noise electrical measurements enabled by lock-in technique developed inside the group.

Nano-fabrication (NGI cleanroom facilities available) and characterization facilities located at the NGI cleanroom: Photo lithography, E-beam lithography, E-beam evaporator, Sputterer, Reactive Ion Etcher, SEM, AFM, FIB, Raman Spectroscopy, Ellipsometry, etc.

Cryostat for electronic transport measurements (images from internet, real lab is messier than this ;-)

Other unconventional intrument platforms include:

  • Cryogenic/high temperature Raman spectroscopy (3 K - 1000 K temperature range)

  • CVD facilities for growning bespoke 2D crystals

  • Custom-made ionic transport measurements platform