Summer Internship:

Apply now to work with us in summer 2023 for a paid "Learning through Research" experience, more information here.

please contact qian.yang@manchester.ac.uk

January 2023: postdoctoral researcher positions open!

Candidates with research experiences and expertise in the following fields are invited to apply:

-- 2D materials/heterostructures electronic transport measurements

-- SNOM techniques

--cleanroom microfabrication, including e-beam lithography, RIE, e-beam evaporation and other characterization facilities.

--2D chemistry

To apply, please send CV (reflect your expertise and skills) to artem.mishchenko@gmail.com

Several fully funded PhD positions are now available at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, the University of Manchester, to explore transport phenomena in two-dimensional van der Waals heterostructures.

This includes either ionic transport through atomic-scale capillaries or quantum transport through van der Waals heterostructures, depending on the skills of the candidates. The projects are expected to lead to high-impact scientific publications, technological developments, and strong career development of the PhD students.

Application notes for PhD candidates:

We provide full fundings (tuition fee waive plus stipend) for outstanding candidates who have relevant background and proven abilities in research and English, and problem solving abilities -- Make sure to reflect these in your CV.

Other oppotunities:

Our research involves a wide range of collaborative projects with many other academic departments and industry in the UK and overseas. These projects are funded by the Research Councils including EPSRC, EESRC, the Royal Society, the European Research Council. We provide access to well-equipped laboratories housed in the University of manchester Physics Department and the National Graphene Institute, and computing facilities.

Early career reseachers can also join us through the following Schemes:

3. Royal Academy of Engineering Research fellowship

https://www.raeng.org.uk/grants-and-prizes/support-for-research/raeng-research-fellowship/guidance-notes (Next round will open between July-September 2022)

If in doubt, reach out: artem.mishchenko@gmail.com